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Everything you need to know about Uber and Lyft is here!


Getting a ride is as simple as pushing 1 button and waiting for a request.

You can rent a 2023 Tesla Model 3 from Hertz to do Uber rides or Uber eats for about $360 per week and you can use it for your personal use too!  You just need to complete 250 Uber trips first to qualify.  Also, there are cheaper cars to rent to get started with Uber right away too.  That's right,  you don't need to own a car to do Uber.  Lyft has their own rental program as well.  Watch this video to find out more information!

Would you like to go to COLLEGE for FREE and save $100K on a bachelor's degree?  Uber has a sholarship program and if you don't need it you can give it away to a family member. For more information check out this video!

When you MAKE YOUR OWN SCHEDULE and YOU'RE THE BOSS then it allows you to create your own schedule for doing things besides work allowing you to do whatever you want on any given day. Check out my video to see the freedom that being an Uber/Lyft driver has allowed for me!

ARE YOU ALREADY AN UBER DRIVER? Have you not taken a trip since December 31, 2023? YOU CAN COME BACK AND STILL GET A BONUS!

To sign up for Uber and/or Lyft and get a sign on bonus the "old-school" way you can just download the Uber and Lyft driver apps and in the promo code section enter 1 of the promo codes below:

Uber referral code : NEPHIJUE Lyft referral code : genuinedriver

Get ready to go in just 3 simple steps. The money you earn weekly is deposited right into your bank account. Make as much money as you need by driving the hours you set. Uber and Lyft handles all the transactions within the app. All you have to do is drive.

  • Apply In Minutes

    Share a bit of information about you and the car you drive. Meet the requirements for your region and Uber or Lyft will get you up and running FAST!
  • Upload Documents

    Show proof of your license, car registration, car insurance and wait for your background check to clear.
  • Download The App

    You will be an independent contractor once you become an Uber or Lyft driver. You will be your own boss once you hit the road. Uber and Lyft technology is backing you.