Top 10 Items For Uber & Lyft Drivers

1. Dual Dash Cam (Vantrue N2 PRO):  

This not only films the front of your vehicle but also inside the cabin which is crucial for Uber/Lyft Drivers.  You can get 20% off of any Vantrue brand dash cam by going to and enter promo code "NEJAUS3" at check out. Check out my full review of the Vantrue N2 Pro on my YouTube channel in the video below.

2. Portable Car Vacuum: 

This portable vac works for any kind of car and is essential for all Uber/Lyft drivers:

3. Premium Seat Covers (Front and back sold separately):

These covers are thick, comfortable, durable and nice.  They provide an excellent amount of cushion for your rear end on those marathon drives as well.  They are pricey but well worth the money.  For a budget option check out the next item below these.

4. Budget Seat Covers (Full Set): 

If you're looking for a cheap set of seat covers in the $50-$60 range then this front/back full set will get the job done.  These are the first seat covers that I ever used for Uber/Lyft and they lasted for about 4  years.  They don't look nearly as nice as the previous premium option above but they will keep your original seats protected and make cleanups much easier.

5. Portable jumpstarter (Noco Boost GB40): 

Now you can jump start a dead car battery all by yourself with a device that fits in your pocket.  It also has a flash light, emergency strobe light and a power bank which charges USB devices such as a cell phone.  It's time to get rid of those bulky jumper cables.

6. Phone Mount (A/C vent style):  

This mount locks onto your AC vent with a retractable hook so that it never falls off.  It's sturdy and can fit very large phones such as my Iphone 13 Pro Max with a Defender Series Otter Box case.  I've tested over 10 different mounts and this is by far the best one.  If you're tired of suction cup mounts falling down or very poorly made mounts failing or breaking your search is finally over. 

7. All Weather Rubber Floor Matts: 

If your passengers have mud on their shoes or perhaps something worse, it's better for it to get on a rubber matt instead of into your carpet.  These are life savers on rainy days.  Just spray them clean with water once a week.  I've been using this full set from Motor Trend for 5 years and it has no chemical smell.  Clean up has never been so easy.

8. Car Guys All Purpose Car Cleaner

This is not only good for maintenance but it gets rid of tough stains and it's safe for all surfaces of your vehicle.  It comes with a microfiber cloth which is another essential item every driver should have.  This popular cleaner is currently the #1 sold automotive care product on Amazon.

9. Microfiber Towels 

You can never have too many microfiber towels.  I use them everyday.  They are safe to wipe any surface inside and outside of your car for maintenance and they come in handy for messes, rainy days, wiping your hands and cleaning your cell phone.  Amazon offers a good deal on a 6 pack.

10. Hose, Nozzle and Car Wash Mitt

I'm big on washing my car instead of using the car wash.  You save a lot of money, it's good exercise and car washes actually damage your paint job over time. They micro scratch your paint and cause "swirl marks".  When looking for a hose and nozzle you don't need anything fancy.  You just need something that works and lasts a long time.  You can buy buckets for cheap at Walmart and buy any car soap that's on sale at your local Auto Zone (preferably Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash).